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This course emphasizes accounting principles as they relate to the basic understanding and skills requiring keeping manual and computerized financial records for businesses. The course will provide students with entry-level skills for the accounting profession and/or preparation for further study in accounting.

Introduction to Business Computer Applications:
These semester courses will be paired and taught to 9-12 graders. Intro to BCA will assist students in mastering the touch method of typing with emphasis on development of speed and accuracy. Intro to BCA also emphasizes speed and accuracy as students apply keyboarding skills in formatting and producing letters, tables and outlines.

Business Computer Applications:
This course is designed to acquaint students with basic principles and terminologies associated with data "information" processing. The course includes units in computer concepts, word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. It is an acceptable substitute for computer literacy, and is also designed to provide job training for entry-level employment in computer information processing or related areas. The course will also prepare students for advanced study in the area of computer/information processing at the post secondary level.

Web Design:
Concepts of Web communication will be studied and explored. Students will design, develop, and maintain Web pages using Microsoft FrontPage. Students will demonstrate technical knowledge of the equipment and an ability to use a variety of input devices, file formats, and transfer methods. Career possibilities related to the Internet and Web design will be explored. The students will plan, design, and maintain a Web site.