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The Senior Beta Club is an honorary organization that promotes the ideals of honesty, service, and leadership among the high school students of America.
Sponsor: Mrs. M. Boudreaux
President: Olivia S.
Vice President: Cassidy H.
Secretary: Gabby G.
-Mission Statement-
"Let Us Lead By Serving Others"
State Convention:
Theme: Making History with Beta
Requirements for Invitation/Membership
-The student must be of good character and mentality, have creditable achievement, and a commendable attitude --- a student worthy of special recognition because of outstanding attainment and promise.
-The student must be enrolled in at least four academic subjects.
-Students must maintain a 3.25 average or above each six weeks, including mid-term and final exams.
-Students must pay a one-time membership fee of $10.00 to be actively enrolled in the local Beta Club chapter.
Probation for one six-weeks
-Failure to maintain a 3.25 average for one six weeks or on mid-term or final exams will result in probation for one six weeks. Failure to meet the 3.25 average for the following six weeks with result in dismissal from the club for one semester.
-During the probation period, the student may attend club meetings, but may not actively participate in any club conventions held during the probation period.
-Any Sr. Beta member who causes problems in class, at school sponsored events, or on campus and is thereby reprimanded for his/her actions by receiving ISS or ATS shall be placed on probation for one sic seeks. This excludes uniform violations and tardies.

Dismissal from membership
-Two consecutive six-weeks of failing to maintain a 3.25 average.
-Any Sr. Beta member who is suspended from school fro any reason will be suspended from the Sr. Beta Club for one full semester.