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Mission and Beliefs

School's Mission and Beliefs...

JDPSB Mission Statement

Jefferson Davis Parish School System will provide all students with educational opportunities to achieve success in a multicultural, global society.

LAHS Mission Statement

To involve family, community, and school personnel in a team effort to maximize learning for all students.


To mold young adolescents into mature and responsible citizens by contributing to their personal development and adjustment.

To determine each student's level of development in communication and mathematical skills and apply appropriate learning theories and teaching practices.

To view the student as an individual in determining the skills and training necessary for his/her success.

To encourage proper and socially acceptable behavior based on a sound set of values and self-discipline.

To encourage and foster an attitude of brotherhood among people of all races and religions.

To provide a well-rounded program of instruction for the mental, physical, social and emotional growth of students.

To reinforce efforts of home and community in developing moral character and sound values.

To offer courses that will familiarize students with other cultures and prepare them to adjust to a changing, technological society.

To provide students with learning experiences that will help develop student ambitions, talents, and attitudes which will lead to responsible citizenship and a productive life.

To provide all students with an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular and cultural activities which develop qualities of leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship, and self-discipline.

To provide an assistance program to students with difficulties that affect their ability to perform.