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The Library Club
The Library Club is open to those students who are interested in developing library skills and assisting the librarian. This year, we are stressing service to teachers and students, but we will also have parties and other activities. Suggestions from members are always solicited.
Membership Requirements
Requirements to be a member are spending at least one morning or lunch a week before school, working in the library. A training period makes members eligible to work the front desk. Other tasks that members will be responsible for include daily routines, assisting students, straitening, dusting, and cleaning chairs, and shelves, processing new orders that arrive, creating bulletin boards, arranging displays in the showcase, and helping with inventory at the end of the year. Members may only work in the library when their classes come to the library, or, in some cases, when they have completed all work in a class (high school students only). no more than four clubs, serve only one presidency, and MUST keep at least a 1.5 GPA.
Officers are elected by other club members, and cannot be a senior unless that senior is at school seven hours daily.
Club Meetings
The club meets in October, November, December, February, March, April, and May. Time and place of meetings will be posted on library doors. There will be no off campus activities during the school day. Meetings are during 7th hour on the first Thursday of the month. Sometimes, meetings are planned at night, but attendance for those is not mandatory. The club sponsor will be present at all functions.
Members pay their own way any time we have an evening meeting at a restaurant because we have no fundraisers. Donations are requested for any activity that involves expense.
Membership advantages
Among the advantages of being a member is being the first to see new materials, being pictured in the school yearbook, receiving an award at the end of the year, working with and meeting other students, and becoming close friends in the hours of working together. Members enjoy doing tasks and making contacts with other students as well as learning about library work, books, and people.
Trophies are awarded to members at the end of the year. The "Library Genie" trophy is awarded to the member who is the best worker. Other awards will be given in different categories, including most books read, best reviews given, most likely to be a librarian, etc.
Sponsor: Mrs. Dupuis, Librarian
Vice President: